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Mitigating risk and maximizing
returns across portfolios

Hudson Realty Capital is a trusted partner to our clients in the real estate industry. Our team of seasoned professionals leverage decades of combined experience in direct lending and real estate operations to provide hands-on advisory services. We advise real estate companies of all sizes to successfully navigate the peaks and valleys of business cycles with ease through refined analysis and consultation services tailored to fit the unique and nuanced needs of our individual clients.

From general market analysis and counsel for site selection, to financial modeling, investment analysis, and more, Hudson’s Advisory Services team can help you identify and attain profitable solutions.

Creditor Advisory Services

With decades of experience as a direct lender across multiple points of the capital stack, Hudson advises creditors in maximizing recoveries for loans secured by real estate assets. We work with lenders to assess the health and value of underlying real estate assets, and identify opportunities to stabilize and monetize those assets. Hudson advises lenders through every cycle of real estate projects from conception and construction through lease-up, refinancing, workout and/or bankruptcy.

Our Creditor Advisory Services include:

  • Asset evaluation
  • Capital improvements support
  • Legal documentation review
  • Litigation strategies support (including any intercreditor or participation agreements with other lenders)
  • Special servicing
  • Construction monitoring for assets in transition/work out
  • Strategic alternatives to maximize liquidity
  • Restructuring negotiations to insure maximum recoveries
  • Disposition and liquidation support

Real Estate Advisory Services

As an owner, operator, and investor of commercial real estate properties, Hudson Realty Capital is a trusted real estate and debt restructuring advisor. Our firm has facilitated more than $4.5 billion in aggregate investments in commercial real estate assets since inception, and is a proven counselor with deep institutional knowledge of the real estate landscape with a detailed understanding of capital markets.

Our Debt Restructuring Services include:

  • Asset evaluation and cash flow analysis
  • Loan maturation monitoring
  • Legal documentation review
  • Litigation strategies support
  • Capital alternatives assessment

Our Real Estate Services include:

  • Asset evaluation
  • Business plan viability assessment
  • Valuation and cash flow analysis
  • Construction and lease-up support
  • Sale and refinance support
  • Monetization plan oversight

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